Mathematical puzzles and games have their long history, and they are popular not only for pastime but also for stimulating intellectual curiosity of mathematicians and computer scientists as their research material. Their investigation and outcome are significant as the results themselves, and at the same time, they have been playing an important role for incubating new theory and for giving ripple effect to neightboring areas. Such puzzles and games often have geometric flavor in some sense, and thus they have brought rich influence to computational geometry areas and others as well. This workshop is intended to provide a forum for both researchers and practitioners to promote their interactions and blendings. We can expect that such interaction will promote many new interesting geometric problems, concepts and ideas, which will contribute to open up new vistas in computational geometry communities.

Date and Venue

Date: June 10 (Tue), 14:30 -- 18:00
Place: Kyoto University Centennial Memorial Hall (A workshop in Computational Geometry Week 2014)


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